Informatics is the process of extracting novel and useful information from raw data sets and nowhere is informatics needed more than in understanding the connectedness of the human brain. The MGH-USC HCP is dedicated to the creation of efficient but powerful software tools for use via the web or for download which help to process and represent connectomics data.  On these pages you will find links to MGH-USC developed software and web-tools which display, analyze, and characterize the richness of the data obtained from the Siemens 3T Connectom scanner as well as other imaging platforms.  Users will also find links to data, protocols, and other information and resources pertinent to connectomics as well as all our HCP-related informatics activities.

USC Multimodal Connectivity Database

The USC Multimodal Connectivity Database (UMCD) is a web-based repository for publicly shared structural and functional connectivity matrices that is powered by the HCP. This database was created to nurture the growing interest in brain connectomics by giving researchers a space to interactively share data with others in the neuroimaging community. Researchers may upload connectivity matrices publicly or privately and compare them with connectivity matrices in the database or browse an ever growing list of existing datasets from the HCP and other major neuroimaging initiatives.