HCP Projects

Data is currently being collected in the Superstruct Project, Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics and Australian Twin Registry studies. This example data is representative only.

The table shows the data’s path from raw data to processed data. The data, workflows, derived data and visualizations have been included for any user to freely download, process and view.






Superstruct Project 4 patients with Structural MRI, DTI (HARDI), Resting State fMRI and DSI* Pipeline DSI TrackVis Workflow, and Pipeline DTI TrackVis Workflow and Pipeline First Level fMRI Analysis TrackVis .trk Files: DSI Splines and DTI Splines.
First Level fMRI Results*
TrackVis Software
Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics 1 patient with Structural MRI, DTI, Functional MRI and Resting State Functional MRI (330MB) Pipeline DTI TrackVis Workflow TrackVis .trk Files: DTI Splines TrackVis Software
Queensland Twin Registry 1 patient Structural MRI, DTI (HARDI), and functional MRI scans* Pipeline Discrete Spherical Mesh Workflow* HARDI ODFs* HARDI 105 Glyph Viewer
LPBA40 40 patients with Structural MRI (300MB) Pipeline Connectivity Workflow* Connectivity Matrix PNG File Relationships in 2D brain, 3D brain and circular lines

Items marked with an asterisk (*) will be available soon.